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The important thing is to STAY LIGHT!
Choose the stuff that you really need, because extra items will just be an increase in the weight that you have to carry around.
The good thing is to stay compact, so you might want to consider to buy your stuff in camping area.

Check Description Remarks Check Description Remarks
Ihram 2 sets, and the belt. Scarf (jilbab/bergo)
Comfortable clothes Avoid nylon clothing. Cotton clothing is better to absorb sweat. Panty liner
Socks Sarung
Underwear Mukena
Skirt / trousers Jacket
Sunglasses Hat/Umbrella Having an umbrella that can block more than 98% of UV is very useful, especially during summer.
Slipper/Sandal Light / waterproof one is the best. For men, prepare the one that is not closed in the front part.
Multi vitamin / Vitamin C ひやしシート To put in forehead during fever. This is extremely useful especially in Arafah and Minna. These are the places where most of the pilgrims got sick because of the heat.
Cold medicine E.g. Bufferin, Eve, etc. Goggle (うがい薬)
Eye drops Band aids
Private medicine E.g. Medicine to postpone period.
Body care / Toiletries
Tooth brush & tooth paste Lip balm
Body lotion Non-fragrant one. Body soap & shampoo Non-fragrant one.
Sun block 50 SPF one is better. Shaver / Hair shaver
Alcohol gel/tissue To wash hand. Mirror
Deodorant Non-fragrant one. Surgical Mask We didn't find a good quality of surgical mask in Mekkah, hence it's better to bring enough from Japan. We change our mask at least twice a day.
Safety pin (peniti) This is very useful for the men when wearing Ihram. Towel (big & small)
Nail clipper Comb
Food & Beverages
Snacks We were lucky we brought some bread with us when we arrived in Jeddah, because we arrived quite late and there wasn't any place to buy food. Isotonic drinks E.g. Pocari Sweat (sachet is better as we can mix with water ourself when needed), etc. Very useful during the stay in Minna as we sweat a lot when going jumrah.
Instant noodles The one that needs only hot-water to prepare.
Air pillow / travel pillow Very useful during the stay in Muzdalifah and Minna. Plastic spoon & fork.
Camping mat Very useful during the stay in Minna and Muzdalifah, to block the cold soil. E.g., we use ロゴス(LOGOS) アルミマット60 Plastic mat Very useful during the night in Minna and Muzdalifah, because there are some places that are a little bit damp. Can be bought in 100-en shop.
Sleeping bag For the night in Muzdalifah and Minna. NASA blanket A nice to have. For the night in Minna & Muzdalifah.
Prayer book & Manasik Al-Quran
Pen Marker
Small notes Waist pouch (Tas Pinggang)
Small changes (money) For tips. It is better to have some small changes in SAR (Real) before you reach Jeddah. We found that there was no near place to exchange money in Hajj terminal. Credit Card For emergencies. It's not advisable to bring a lot of money with you.
Money (Cash) Bills of $100 sometimes give you a better exchange rate. For your reference, a decent meal per person was about SAR 15-20 (SAR 1 = appx. JPY 25). Small pocket to carry around Shoes/Slipper/Sandal Very useful when praying in mosque.
Handphone & charger Bring GSM phone. You can buy the GSM sim card easily in Mekkah. Camera & battery & charger
折りたたみナイフ (Pisau lipat) A nice to have, we used it several times. Note: don't bring it in cabin when you board the airplane. Plastic bag Useful for dirty clothes, etc.
Portable clothe hanger (S-shape) Very useful to hang clothes, as most of the bathroom in Minna doesn't have this. Rope Useful to hang wet clothes after washing.
Alarm Plug converter
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