Road To Hajj

Our Schedule

Day Date (2009) Location
1 Nov-20 Zul-02 Narita - Kuala Lumpur
2 Nov-21 Zul-03 Kuala Lumpur - Jeddah
3 Nov-22 Zul-04 Makkah
4 Nov-23 Zul-05 Makkah
5 Nov-24 Zul-06 Makkah
6 Nov-25 Zul-07 Makkah
7 Nov-26 Zul-08 Mina
8 Nov-27 Zul-09 Arafat
9 Nov-28 Zul-10 Muzdalifa - Mina
10 Nov-29 Zul-11 Mina
11 Nov-30 Zul-12 Mina
12 Dec-01 Zul-13 Mina
13 Dec-02 Zul-14 Makkah - Madinah
14 Dec-03 Zul-15 Madinah - Jeddah - Kuala Lumpur
15 Dec-04 Zul-16 Kuala Lumpur - Narita
16 Dec-05 Zul-17 Narita

Our Package

  • Travel Agent: Air1Travel
  • Package Name: Makkah Apartment Package
  • Price: JPY 200,000/person (without air Ticket. With Air ticket, it would be JPY 400,000/person)
  • Includes:
    • Accommodation in Makkah: Apartment 700M from Haram
    • Accommodation in Madinah: Furnished apartment
    • Accommodation in Mina/Arafat: Air conditioned tent
    • Visa processing
    • Air conditioned transportation
    • Visiting holy sites
    • Hajj educational classes (Manasik)
    • Muttawwif/guide
    • Food in Mina and Arafat

Our Flight

  • Malaysia Airlines
  • Round trip price: JPY 190,770/person (JPY 381,540 for 2 adults)
  • Includes:
Details Price / person (Total for 2 adults)
Air ticket JPY 163,000 (JPY 326,000)
Gasolene JPY 18,500 (JPY 37,000)
Immigration tax JPY 4,080 (JPY 8,160)
Administration fee JPY 3,150 (JPY 6,300)
Airport tax JPY 2,040 (JPY 4,080)
  • Flight schedule:

11/20 MH89 Narita (10:30) → Kuala Lumpur (17:05) ECONOMY
11/21 MH150 Kuala Lumpur (15:15) → Jeddah (19:30) ECONOMY

12/03 MH151 Jeddah (21:20) → Kuala Lumpur (10:55+1) ECONOMY
12/04 MH88 Kuala Lumpur (23:35) → Narita (07:15+1) ECONOMY

MH = Malaysia Airlines
+1=Next day ・ +2=Next of next day

Our Transit Hotel

Pan Pacific KLIA

  • Why we chose this?

We wanted to save energy as much as we can for Hajj, hence we prefer to choose the closest hotel to the airport. This hotel is connected to the airport hence it's easy to reach and also easy to find food.
However, this hotel is not inside the airport, hence we need to pass the immigration first before we can go there.

  • Reservation:

We tried to book this hotel via Pan Pacific site. Remember to always compare the price using other sites first, e.g. Expedia, Agoda,, etc.

Airside Transit Hotel, Malaysia

  • Why we chose this?

Our flight arrived at 10:55 (Malaysia time), and departed at 23:35, bound for Narita. We had more than 12 hours in the airport, so we decided to find a place to rest.
This hotel is inside the airport, and to get there we didn't have to pass the immigration. Saved us a lot of time. It offers quite a good deal as well for short stay.

  • Reservation:

We contacted the hotel directly via mail (See their contact details in their website).
Provide them with the below info in the mail, they will respond to your reservation in 1 day:
1. Name (should match your passport name)
2. Phone
3. Flight details

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